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Car Rental at Olbia Port    +39 3342803358 +39078921463

Mickyrent, hereinafter appointed with its own company name Sinergysolar srl with registered office in Viale Aldo Moro, 367 and viale Isola bianca, Olbia, grants its customers a rented vehicle according to the methods and conditions indicated in the rental letter and in the present general rental conditions.

The customer acknowledges that the vehicle is in good working condition and without apparent defects and undertakes to return it to Sinergysolar srl with all documents and accessories and in the same conditions, on the date indicated in the rental agreement.
Sinergysolar srl reserves the right to terminate the contract and take back the vehicle at any time at the customer’s expense. In the event that the vehicle is used in violation of the subsequent Article 5.

In the event of loss of the vehicle or damage to the vehicle during the rental, the customer will pay, at the time of the request to Sinergysolar srl, the amount corresponding to the loss and related expenses, unless the customer has followed and has fulfilled all contractual terms and conditions.

The customer, will pay to Sinergysola srl, and will reimburse to the same, at the time of the request of Sinergysolar srl the amount:
a) hourly charges calculated according to the rates indicated in the rental agreement;
b) any charges for refueling, for the exemption of damages resulting from a collision, for
personal accident insurance “Pai” and any other “standard” or other charge applicable according to the rates indicated in the rental agreement or according to the rates in force;
c) In the eventual need of complete washing of the vehicle for irresponsible conduct to tittolo of reimbursement of expenses;
d) the costs incurred by Sinergy Solar srl, in relation to the collection of payments due from the customer, including the costs for legal assistance;
e) In the event of fines, penalties, court fees or other taxes to Sinergysolar srl in this case, however, the client, or any other person, will not be relieved of the responsibility towards any authority for its own illegal conduct.
The customer who uses a credit card with which Sinergysola srl ​​has an agreement accepts that the rental charges are made on his account.

Within the limits set by law, Sinergysolar srl cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the customer or third parties deriving from the use of the vehicle or for loss or damage to property owned by the customer left in the vehicle, or for damage or problems resulting from delay in delivery, from breakdowns, or from any other cause beyond the control of Sinergy solar srl.

The customer must use the vehicle with the diligence and prudence of the good family man and in particular must not allow it to be used:
a) For the transport of people for commercial purposes;
b) To push or tow vehicles, caravans or trailers, or other things;
c) In races, tests or races;
d) From the customer or driver under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, or
any other substance that affects knowledge or ability to react;
e) In violation of any customs, circulation or other regulations;
f) Or driven by a person other than the customer, unless this person has been previously authorized and indicated in the rental letter by Sinergysolar srl

LA Sinergysolar srl provides insurance coverage for people who use the vehicle with the permission of Sinergy solar srl (and not in other cases), according to what is indicated in the Sinergy solar srl price lists in force at the time of rental. The customer, at his request, can view the contents of the policy.

Any accident must be reported immediately to the Police or Sinergysolar srl within 24 hours. An “accident report” form must be completed when the vehicle is returned or upon request. The customer must not acknowledge his own responsibility and must obtain the data relating to witnesses and other vehicles involved, if and when possible. The customer agrees to cooperate with Sinergysolar srl and its insurers in any investigation or legal proceeding.

The person who signs the following contract in the name and on behalf of another person or company is jointly and severally liable with his representative for the obligations assumed towards Sinergysolar srl

The place of jurisdiction will be exclusively that of Tempio Pausania. The rental contract is governed by Italian law.

The present general conditions and the contract of which they are an integral part are written in Bilingual, Italian and English text. In the event of any dispute concerning the meaning of the text, the Italian version will prevail.

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