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Car hire at Olbia Port

Car hire at the Port of Olbia is only with Micky Rent!

Our car rental is exactly in front of the Port of Olbia
In fact we are located exactly in front of the ferry port.

Mickyrent is the only car “sea view” in Olbia.

In fact we are located exactly in front of the ferry port. Our strategic position allows us to offer you the possibility to take your rental car or scooter in Olbia directly to the port.
If you land at Olbia airport there are no problems. We will bring you the car to the airport upon your arrival for free.
Also “FLASH” delivery and collection service, irreplaceable for customers who have a very tight margin, such as cruise passengers.

Discover the comfort of Micky rent yourself. A VIP treatment with a really affordable price.

Why choose Micky Rent for your rental of a car or scooter at the port of Olbia?

1- A qualified team and a personalized service at a competitive price
Reliability and professionalism above all, but also kindness and human warmth. You will never feel treated as “the usual customer”.

2- A customized offer and a personalized service at a competitive price
A unique and personalized offer on your needs, an extraordinary flexibility on the rental conditions that will surprise you.

Do you know Olbia?

Olbia overlooks the gulf of the same name in the Gulf and extends over the surrounding plain. It is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. it is the most dynamic and growing center of Sardinia, its authentic tourist capital. The city center is about 2 km from the Port. From Corso Umberto walk to Piazza Regina Margherita or Piazza Matteotti and admire the nineteenth century buildings. Continue along Via Porto Romano and reach the Basilica of San Simplicio, the patron saint of the city.

However, visiting Olbia can also be due to its cultural history, on which the city is literally built above.
In addition to the beautiful archaeological museum, with free admission, and the aqueduct and Roman ruins visible in the city center, an itinerary for history and archeology enthusiasts could be that of the nuraghi. In the northern area, 12 km from the city center, you can visit the Sacred Nuragic Well of Sa Testa, a very important monument from the Bronze Age, and then the nuragic fortress of Riu Mulinu. Just 20 minutes from Olbia to the south instead is the Tomb of the Giants de Su Monte e s’Abe, a collective burial of the nuraghe period, the largest in Sardinia and near Nuraghe Casteddu. Also a few minutes further on is the castle of Pedres, from the Byzantine era.

Hire your car or scooter at the Port of Olbia with Micky Rent!

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